4 things you can do during lockdown to tell NAB to end oil & gas investments

1. Tag NAB on social media

NAB really cares about its brand, it’s worth billions to them. We want the NAB Communications team to be flooded with messages on social media about their oil and gas policy (avoid posts about sensitive subjects like Covid-19). Write a comment on their Facebook posts, reply to their Instagram story, tweet at them – do what you can to get the message up the chain at NAB.

2. Email NAB’s complaints line

If you’re a NAB customer, a prospective customer, or member of the public you can email the NAB complaints line and raise your concerns about their oil and gas lending. You might mention the climate and community impact of new gas projects, your personal story of what climate change matters to you, and you can pre-empt their retorts about their carbon neutral commitments and investments in clean energy by reminding them that Australia’s domestic emissions are dwarfed by our export emissions.

3. Write a letter to the CEO

Ross McEwen is the CEO of NAB, and has been since 2019. If we can make Ross feel like the oil and gas decision is his responsibility, we can pressure him to make the right call for our climate.

Make your letter heartfelt, speak from your truth, state any key facts you think are important, and clearly state the asks:

  1. No new oil and gas lending
  2. Exit all oil and gas investments by 2025

Address your letter to:

CEO Ross McEwen
800 Bourke St
VIC 3008

4. Get creative! Make a piece of art, sound, craft, Tiktok

Finally, we want the NAB Bank on Our Future campaign to be everywhere. Create art, crafts, sounds, videos to spread the message through your networks (and ours!). Get colourful, post on social media, tag NAB and have fun with it.

Use the following taglines:

  • NAB: Bank on our Future
  • BAN dirty oil and gas
  • Fund Our Future Not Gas
  • Cut the money

Check out the Pacific Climate Warrior’s Tiktok guide here.

And download the ‘Better World is Paintable’ guide here.