Why this mine must be stopped

The Maules Creek Coal Mine ticks nearly every box for an irresponsible mining project. Here are the reasons why Whitehaven’s project must be stopped…


Locking in Climate Impacts

Each year, 13 million tonnes of coal will be ripped from the group and transported to Newcastle for export. This coal will release 30 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to the annual emissions of New Zealand’s entire energy sector. This will continue for 30 years.


Destruction of the Leard State Forest

The Leard State Forest is recognised for its rich biodiversity as a critically endangered Box Gum ecological community. It’s the largest remaining tract of this forest in Australia. The forest is home to over 390 species, more than 30 of which are endangered. The coal mine will directly destroy half the forest and the remainder will suffer from a major drop in the water table, increased vehicle activity and the dispersion of coal dust.


The cost to farmers

The Liverpool Plains are known as NSW’s Food Bowl. The mine’s impact will be severe – depressing the water table by 5-10 meters, exacerbating an already prolonged drought. Local farming families will then be stuck with living next to a noisy coal mine, operating 24 hours a day and almost undoubtedly watch their property values plummet.


Disregard for cultural sites

The Gomeroi People, Traditional Owners of the land, are witnessing the destruction of sacred cultural sites in the forest. An urgent protection order was requested of Environment Minister Greg Hunt, to allow the Gomeroi time to recover sacred items and perform ceremony on the site however the request has been continually ignored by the Government.


For more information

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