Galilee Coal

Stopping the proposed Galilee Coal mines in central Queensland is one of the most important fossil fuel fights on the planet. If the Galilee Basin was a country it would be the seventh largest source of carbon emissions — it’s a veritable ticking carbon bomb. What’s more this monstrous project would require a major expansion of Abbot Point port, which sits on the edge of our precious Great Barrier Reef.

Not only is Galilee coal a climate and environmental disaster, but a major financial risk as well. Australia’s major coal export markets are rapidly reducing their reliance on imports, coal prices remain low and already 13 major global banks have ruled out funding the project, concerned about its viability and impacts.

2015 is a critical year in the fight to stop this project once and for all. Adani, the lead company is desperate to find financial backers. Already this year we’ve played a key role in getting The Commonwealth Bank to part ways with Adani and supported communities on the frontline of the project to take a stand.

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